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Franchise Opportunities

Online reviews of audio visual projects by end users, dealers, consultants and programmers are only one part of the services provided by the AV Police. On-site evaluations enable the original installer and end user to have the project reviewed by an independent AV Police agent. The AV Police are very excited to offer a limited number of franchise opportunities to independent audio visual professionals. By becoming an AV Police franchisee your name will be listed on the AVPolice.com website where end users, consultants and dealers will be able to find an independent opinion on the audio visual system under review.

AV Police agent franchisee's are the human face of AVPolice.com. AV Police agents will directly collect fees for on-site evaluations. The AV Police reports will be completed using the agent's master account while on-site.

AV Police agent franchisees are independent. Agents will not suggest anyone to fix any identified system weaknesses.

Fees collected for on-site evaluations by AV Police agents are:

  • $250 Single Room with Equipment Rack (2 hour maximum)
  • $400 Half Day of evaluation (up to 4 hours)
  • $800 Full Day of evaluation (up to 8 hours)

The AV Police agent is responsible for paying for the online reports and delivering the link to the report to the customer.

The initial cost of becoming an AV Police agent franchisee is $1000 per year per area code. In some geographic areas with overlapping area codes a franchise will be required to purchase multiple area codes.

Each franchise will have the first option to renew every year.

Become a Franchisee