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On-site System Evaluation

The AV Police.com evaluation process can be completed by anyone that would like an independent evaluation of an installed audio visual system.  The AV Police.com website enables that evaluation online.  

An on-site evaluation by the AV Police will provide an independent review of the installed audio video system.  The AV Police Agents are independent, so when an Agent reviews your system you can be sure that the report was created honestly and without bias.

The AV Police Agents, located around the United States and Canada, are divided up by phone area codes to ensure that you can find your local agent easily.  AV Police.com Agents must qualify before becoming a partner by being truly independent.  AV Police Agents have audio visual experience.

The cost of the independent AV Police Agent on-site evaluation is very simple and affordable:

  • One room system evaluation, up to 2 hours, $250 plus report
  • Multiple room system evaluation, up to 4 hours, $400 plus report
  • Multiple room system evaluation, up to 8 hours, $800 plus report

All on-site evaluations always include the full report with:

  • Photographs associated with the questions
  • Final AV Police system score
  • Complete AV Police report with the good, the bad and the ugly

Please pay the agent directly when they have completed the report.

At AV Police.com we value your feedback from the experience with our independent Agents. After you have received your report, please contact us with your report link and any feedback on your Agent.

The AV Police Agent list below is growing.  The list is organized by state by area code.  

If an Agent is not listed near your area, please contact us to request your on-site evaluation, we will find a local independent audio video specialist to inspect and evaluate your system.

Local AV Police Agents

We are currently seeking AV Police Agents, they will be posted here soon.