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The AV Police perform independent evaluations of installed audio visual systems. System evaluations are available either online or on-site. The Audio Video Police will perform audio video inspection services.

The evaluation system of the AV Police only examines the quality of the installation. The AV Police focus on the audio visual system functionality. There are a series of yes/no questions that will create the evaluation. Each question offers the option to upload a picture that best represents the answer to the question. By uploading pictures the reports can provide visual proof of the good, the bad, and the truly ugly.

The first option for an AV Police evaluation is online. Online evaluations are completed by anyone that uses the AV Police website. Before beginning the evaluation process you must create an account in order to ensure all your data is saved during the process. You may begin the report then seek out answers to questions and return at a later time to complete the report.

At no charge, the AV Police will provide a score range for the project with a confidence factor in the score. Exact scores and full reports are available for purchase starting at $20. The online reports can be shared via direct links or with social media sites. The report will always be available on your account for review in the future.

On-site evaluations are available using our AV Police Partner Directory. The AV Police "Agents" will visit your location and independently complete the AV Police reporting process. There is a charge for the on-site visit as well as the report. The Agent will provide a link to the report that is created. The reports created by the AV Police Agents will include as many photographs as possible.